The ​​​M  

ther Within

The Mother Within™ honors your journey of love, grief, and acceptance, living an unexpected life without children, and celebrates your maternal heart.

We are a diverse and global tribe of women who remain largely misunderstood and under represenated. By sharing who we are and learning from one another, we can influence and positively affect our personal journeys, our relationships and the world around us.

Let us be part of a new conversation by women without children. Through our visibility and voice, we can support each other and share our often silent stories with the generations of women to come.

The mother with in you is a love story waiting to be told, and you are not alone.

Welcome to your sisterhood.

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Virtual Classes

Join us for a 6 week course exploring our shared journey. Sessions start April 2017. 

Retreats & Events

Equine nature retreats, and one day workshops  in the US, and international locations.

Personal Sessions

Opportunities to connect via
Skype or telephone.
Learn in person with horses.