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The Mother Within
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The Mother Within
The Mother Within
The Mother Within
Loving the Mother Within
Childless Women

Reigniting Your Wild Heart Retreat
Led jointly by Jody Day & Christine Erickson 

Thank you to the wonderful women who participated!


 Quarterly Community Conversation Series! 
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Conversation with Michelle Marie McGrath

Interview with Jody Day of Gateway Women

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The Mother Within™ Initiative honors the journey of grief, acceptance and celebration of the maternal heart and the full lives of women living an unexpected life without children.

The Mother Within™ envisions a new conversation by women without children. This online presence is intended to create a space for us to openly exchange our thoughts on issues affecting our lives, so that our voice is heard. 

It is also intended to be a space where we can express who we are through our words, artistic mediums and images of who we are as women. Only by becoming visible can we shift misguided social assessments and be the true face of childlessness for generations of women to come.

We represent a growing and global tribe of women who remain largely misunderstood. By sharing who we are and learning from one another, we have the possibility to influence and positively affect our personal journeys, our relationships and the world around us.

The Mother Within you is a love story waiting to be told, and you are not alone.

Women without children
Women without children