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GO-NOMO is the global professional & referral network for women without children.

We are living at a time where most social and work environments have yet to recognize the diversity or marginalization of women without children. From a feminist perspective, we are rarely included as an intersectional consideration.

GO-NOMO is intended to create a greater awareness and support of NOMO owned & operated businesses and organizations, solo practitioners and artists. 

You may participate in GO-NOMO as an entity or individual offering products & services, including non-profits and foundations. You may also participate as a professional or individual, for both networking purposes, and to find relevant products & services in your area or online.

Under the right circumstances, we will also list NOMO lead businesses and organizations.*

Network profiles will be categorized by country, industry, and area of practice. As our platforms grows, we will have the opportunity to offer reviews, post on job boards, and announce special discounts and offers exclusively for the NOMO community.

Members will also have the opportunity to be featured/interviewed, to share more detailed information about their organization or practice.

*It is our future vision to create a ratings & review process offering a GO-NOMO approval status to non-NOMO practitioners and organizations who meet specific criteria around their products and services, messaging and marketing tactics. A special status may also be granted to organizations and businesses, which operate and maintain a truly NOMO aware and inclusive work environment.

It is our time to be visible, and to live and work in supportive and equitable environments. Let's start from within and support each other in our endeavors.  We are currently working to find the best user platform for GO-NOMO. If you would like to be part of this network, have any questions or suggestions, please be in touch! We would love to hear from you.