The Mother Within is creating an international directory of NOMO owned, and NOMO friendly businesses,  and organizations. The directory is intended to be a resource to connect us to each other and to support our work and offers.  It will also be a resource to identify recommended professional pracititioners, such as doctors, lawyers, consultants, coaches, therapists, well being and healing professionals, who may be more well versed in our specific needs. This is also a space for artists of all genres, whose work we can support.

Once referred, the directory will only support listings with the express permission of each entity or individual, and as approved by TMW. The directory will not be openly accessible, and will be a member based directory, which will require a password. 

We are currently working on the directory design and will launch by May 1, 2017.

To submit a listing, or to refer an individual or organization, please email us at:




The Mother Within: A Guid to Accepting Your Childless Journey

This book is currently downloadable from Amazon.  It will be available in this format until 7 April 2017. While a new version of the book is being considered, your feedback would be greatly appreciated!

About the Founder of the mother within

Christine Erickson is a social entrepreneur who has lived and worked in mlutiple countries and across cultures. 

She is the owner of One Legacy Coaching and faciliates leadership development and transformative learning, as an executive equus coach, and equine guided educator.

Christine is committed to the voice of women without children, and to sharing our courageous journeys.  She shares insight from her own experiences, in her book, The Mother Within: A Guide to Accepting Your Childless Journey.